So by some sort of research or an (extremely) lucky accident, you’ve landed on my blog! I hope it is because you are interested in taking up running and not because you are interested in cake (although I personally am VERY interested in cake, which is why I find myself here, writing this in the first place).

Either way, WELCOME!!!

Before I dive into the real juicy bits, let me give you a little background on myself and get the boring stuff out of the way right now.

A long time ago, I was a runner. As in the wake up, run a casual ten miles and then go to work for 10 hours and not even feel tired kind of runner. After having been overweight for my entire life, I suddenly found myself fitting comfortably into a size 6. People told me constantly how great I looked. I ran 5ks, half marathons, mud runs, you name it. I found a boyfriend who also loved running and I was in a constant state of endorphin euphoria. I didn’t even have to look sideways in every mirror I passed to make sure my stomach roll wasn’t sticking out too much. Let’s just say life was great.

And then two things happened at the same time.

1. I developed a lovely little pair of thyroid tumors, and

2.  I discovered cake.

Yes, cake. After being a professional cake decorator (and cake eater, it would seem) for three years, I went from this:

To this:

That’s right. 148 pounds to 238 pounds in a little over 36 months. The worst part was that getting down to that 148 had been a huge struggle, one that only really happened because of a few really bad breakups and completely terrible (not to mention dangerous) eating habits. So finding myself in a size 18 was a tough blow to take, to say the least.

Trust me, the last three years haven’t exactly been miserable. I mean, I definitely enjoyed every carb-loaded, sugar packed bite I stuffed in my mouth during that time, but suffice it to say that when I hold up a pair of my old size 6 jeans now, they look more like doll clothes than something fit for a human to wear, which equals 100% suckage in my book.

If you got bored back there and I lost you (totally understandable, here’s a recap: long story short, I thought I would never have to deal with being overweight again, but life happens, and here I am. And this time, I am determined to go about it the right way.

Now on to the fun part. (I know, I know, finally…)

So just in case the title didn’t tip you off, the purpose of this blog is not to share tips about baking cakes (unless you really, really want to learn about baking and cake decorating from me, in which case I am more than happy to share my knowledge, though I’d rather stick to the topic at hand). My purpose here is to share my journey as I train for a marathon. Yes, you read correctly– a marathon at 238 pounds!

Is it possible? I’d like to think so. Is it crazy? Absolutely. But I am a goal oriented person. I need a foreseeable end result with a strict time limit, or else I become the world’s worst procrastinator. So crazy or not, I have put in my $100 dollars and I am signed up for the Maine Marathon, which takes place in a little less than 119 days and 14 hours.

Deep breaths…

Since signing up for the race about two weeks ago, I have become a die hard researcher of all things marathon, (pinterest is great for that sort of thing) and everything I have read seems to tell me that a reasonable marathon training plan lasts upwards of 24 weeks.

Well, since I clearly love a challenge (I couldn’t just sign up for a 5k or something like a normal person), I am going to try to do it in 17. Since you are reading this blog, I am guessing you have some interest in training for a marathon as well as a non-traditional runner, and in that case, all I can say is: